Blake and Dani have been one of the sweetest couples I have ever worked with. When I launched my new website back in January, I had already captured Blake’s proposal and their engagement session.  And when my website crashed a few months ago, I lost the blog post that showcased their gorgeous wedding in May.  FAIL!  So when pondering what I could blog about this week, I got the idea to recap all of my favorite images from all of the opportunities I have had to work with these two sweeties over the last year now.  

So here is my journey with Blake and Danielle.  I met these two in the young adult church we attended here in Toledo.  Their love for each other and Jesus is radiant. Contagious.  Something I definitely wanted to be a part of.  Our young adult pastor Sammy Adebiyi joked saying Blake was “way out of his league”- but I can tell you just from watching Blake and how he treats his now bride, I think this is an even deal.  So lets forget about the fact that these two are a completely gorgeous couple, their love and excitement for EACH OTHER had me [secretly] hoping they would ask me to be their wedding photographer once Blake finally popped the question!  I will warn you: this blog post is OVERFLOWING with a whole lot of genuine, adorable, gorgeous Blake and Dani goodness.  And rightfully so.  These images are what I LOVE about wedding photography.  Two people, completely in love with each other, their Maker, and the life that they are getting ready to embark on together.  True EXCITEMENT about the fact that they get to be married and spend the rest of their lives together.  That’s what gets me going.  These aren’t just pictures of two pretty people in front of a camera- this is love and passion radiating from an image.  Thanks you two, for reminding me every time I look back on these pictures, why I do what I do.

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