My Monday evening was spent with these two sweeties and let me tell you, I am SO excited to be a part of their wedding- which is now only just about a month away!  Not that I wasn’t excited before, but finally getting to see them interact with each other during their engagement session and how sweet Clayton is with Amanda made me so much more excited to get to be with them on their wedding day.

They started out with the classic “We are kind of silly with pictures” and “I don’t know what to do with my hands”, but naturally and beautifully evolved into “Hey, I like you- and we get to be married in a month.”  They were all GENUINE smiles throughout the night and little did they know, they are SUPER photogenic.  I melt at the way Clayton looks at Amanda- I mean, who wouldn’t.  She is stunning!  Both of them have such contagious smiles and sweet spirits about them. They even brought two rocking chairs that they asked to take pictures in.  Amanda said it was a picture they plan on taking every year! They told me their love story, which happened to start with a long highschool relationship.  They ended up going their own ways for a while, but found their way back to each other a few years ago and have now committed to spend the rest of their lives together.  Wait, isn’t that a movie?  Nope, this is real life folks.  Soak it in.  Love is sweet.

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