This weekend I had the pleasure of working with one of the most genuine couples I have ever had the honor of working with.  A series of unfortunate events left them photographer-less with only 8 weeks until their wedding.  They found me, I happened to have the date still open, and the rest is history.

Just kidding, we’re not done yet.  Zach and Rebecca both have such sweet, peaceful spirits about them.  After only meeting them just a few weeks ago, I could tell right from the start that Rebecca has such a kind, genuine soul.  Her smile is comforting and their apparent love for each other is what makes me excited about wedding photography.  They had such a beautiful fall day for their outdoor reception, which was held at Zach’s parents’ farm.

Some of the highlights of my day: 1. Their handwritten vows.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  They both had such sweet words to each other.  My favorite one of Zach’s was “I vow to be helpful.”  Our human nature is to be selfish, and many times in marriage we forget how valuable being helpful can be to our spouse because it speaks to many love languages.  It reminded me in my own marriage that I need to continue to be helpful in order to lift up our marriage and encourage my husband.  How easily we forget!  2. Driving the bride and groom around to take pictures.  Again, this just speaks to their laid-back, genuine nature.  They had a hay ride to take them to the reception, but they really wanted to take some special pictures and asked if I minded driving them to the spot.  Of course not!  I actually feel pretty cool that the bride and groom want to hang out with me for a little while on their wedding day.  Which brings me to my third highlight.  3. The location they chose to take their portraits.  Zach owns a property near his parents where he proposed to Rebecca, where they plan to build a home and raise a family.  Guys!  How sweet it that!  Here we are, standing in a field basically, with a wedding gown and a tux (well, half 😛 ) taking pictures.  Soaking in that this is just the beginning and that so many wonderful things lie ahead right where they were standing.  I absolutely loved it.

Zach and Rebecca, thank you for the honor and pleasure of capturing your wedding day.  I pray that these images will always take you back to the joy of this day.




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