August was a free month for me.  And let me tell you- it came and went.  I had a busy stretch through June and am now heading into another busy stretch in September.  Starting with this beauty.

It’s so cliche, I know, but it literally feels like yesterday that we were doing Molly and Daniel’s engagement session.  That was a year ago.  I was carrying around a 7 month fetus and now I’m carrying around a healthy-and heavy- 9 month old baby.  I remember being that engaged couple feeling like wedding day was forever away.  But a year does go by oh so quickly.

I’m seeing a trend with my couples.  One being that a lot of my brides are nurses.  Maybe I attract nurses since that is what I also have my degree in.  The other trend- my couples are genuinely sweet.  Daniel welcomed me on Saturday with a hug and asked how my little family was doing.  I just love getting to work with such sweet couples!  They had probably one of the best September wedding days you could ask for.  Beautiful sun, comfortable temperatures and a little breeze.  And OFCOURSE, that gorgeous evening glow that served them with some AMAZING portraits.  I am in love with the color palette that Molly chose- fog (a beautiful greyish/bluish/purplish), navy with white and green.  Those navy suits just POPPED on Daniel and his guys.

It has been such a wonderful year working with these two.  Happy honeymooning!



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