With May-early July being a busy stretch of weddings, this month has been a nice break to slow down and gear up for the second half of my wedding season.  But engagement sessions like these are what gets me hyped up to get back out and into doing what I love.

I’ve recently been booking a lot of couples that live out of town but either one or both have ties to this area of Northwest Ohio or nearby Michigan.  While we chat on either the phone or Facetime for an initial consultation and get the vibes that we are going to work well together, it’s always nice to finally meet in person.  I instantly fell in love with these two!  We walked around and chatted like we were old friends and took pretty pictures in between conversation.  It felt simple, effortless, and refreshing!

I warn my couples before we start if I’m going to be shooting some film during their session.  I have to slow down a bit, dial in my settings, and be more intentional.  It also slows down my workflow a bit on the back end as I wait to get my film scans back.  But once again, it was SO worth it; as I am now fully convinced that film was MADE for beach images.

So while we have to go through the lull of winter until next spring for their wedding, I’ll be over here swooning over this dreamy, golden engagement session.



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