It’s no surprise that bride and groom portraits are my favorite part of wedding day.  And why not?  The day is about them after all.

You’ll find some common themes around here: romantic, intimate, joyful, genuine, and organic.  Not overly posed.  Not trendy.  I always try to keep in mind, “Is this timeless?”  I want you to look back on your images and swell with joy when reminded of the memories of this day, not think “Gosh, what were we thinking?!”  Another theme: color.  A majority of my images remain in color.  I do love a classic black and white image here and there.  And I don’t have a certain algorithm for deciding what images should be color and which should be black and white (although some poor lighting situations might deem black and white as looking better).  Sometimes I just think an image void of color allows the emotion to really show through.  But in most situations, I find myself attracted to images in color.

I added some amazing portraits to my image inventory this year.  It helps when all of your subjects look so amazing 😉 I honestly loved going through them and being reminded of all the joy I experienced capturing these images.  And the joy they will bring both my couples and myself for many years to come.  I also sprinkled in reception images into this post because my favorite thing to capture second to portraits are genuine moments; and receptions provide so many opportunities to do so.

For vendor information, see Part I of the 2018 Wedding Highlight Reel.



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