If you would have told me ten years ago that I would be a wedding photographer, I would have laughed.  My entire life has been directed towards being a health care professional.

It started out as wanting to be a doctor.  Which then specialized to pediatrician.  Then I got older, and realized the time it took to become a doctor.  I’ve always been a practical thinker.  What could get me through school in the least amount of time but still achieve the goal of caring for people while making a decent living?  So then it turned into nursing.  Whether it was a nurse or a doctor, I remember from a young age wanting to take care of people.  The toys my parents got me were even directed toward the profession.  A play doctor coat, a stethoscope.  I’ve always had a heart for taking care of people.

So is being a photographer a complete 180?  After all, science and nursing is a “right-sided” brain thing while photography and art are “left-sided”.  But for me, I’ve found that the foundation of what I do in both is the same: service.  Whether it’s taking care of a cancer patient or photographing a wedding, I have the opportunity to love and serve people.  Yes, I love a beautiful bride and groom portrait.  There’s just something about romance and intimacy on the best day of your life preserved through an image that makes my heart happy.  But it’s more than that.  It’s being available to my couples.  It’s being prompt in my response to their needs.  It’s being timely in the delivery of their photos.  All of these are ways to serve my couples and show them that I care about preserving their memories as much as they do.

As I look back on my fourth wedding season I am so grateful for the couples I was able to serve.  Not only did I get to capture some gorgeous images, but I got to be a part in capturing beautiful love stories.  I got to travel to a new city for a wedding.  I got to photograph in the same beautiful cathedral 3 times.  I got to witness old friends finally tie the knot.  And made new friends as they did.  This year was truly one for the books.  It was the first year that I no longer felt nervous about wedding day, but more confident and excited.  Okay, so there are still nerves.  But it’s a good thing.  It reminds me to stay humble and that the job I am doing is an important one.

Not only was this a year for gorgeous weddings, but it was a year of connection for me.  I made it a point to be intentional about connecting with area vendors.  I’ve met and even become good friends with many of them.  2018 was a good year.  And it makes me even more excited for the year to come.

So without further ado, here is Part I of the 2018 Highlight Reel.  It’s all in the details my friends.  Here you’ll find some of my favorite pre-wedding moments, details, and ceremony goodness.  They all make my photographer heart happy.

Some of the vendors involved:

Dresses: Belle Amour, The Gown Shop Bridal, Atlas Bridal

Suits: Men’s Warehouse

Church: Rosary Cathedral

Venues: Catawba Island Club, Dusseau’s Reception Center, The Valentine Theatre, The Colony Club Detroit, Hensville

Hair & Makeup: Jeanne Hooven, Beauty Bar, Absolute Beauty on Location

Cake: Cakes by Stephanie

Florals: Bartz Viviano, Hafner Florist

Wedding Planners: Festoons and Flourishes, Your Perfect Day

Videographers: Fordham Footage, MI Exposure



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