It’s officially fall here in Ohio.  Which means we went from 90 degrees one day to 50 degrees two days later.  What can I say, it comes with the territory.  So when a couple is willing to do a morning session in 40 degree temperatures, I know they are committed!

Stephen and Monica have known each other a long time.  Their story went from just knowing who each other were in highschool, to reconnecting in college and eventually falling in love.  It’s funny how things play out like that sometimes isn’t it?

So these troopers hung out with me one chilly Sunday morning in downtown Toledo.  And while it may have been sweater weather, Monica braved the weather with her second outfit choice of a killer red dress.  She absolutely nailed it!  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I know couples like to have images of themselves dressed in their normal attire.  But let’s be honest, you can tell a difference between their first outfit choice and when they dressed a little more formal.  I just feel like their confidence level boosted 100% because they both looked amazing.  And maybe because they were warming up to being behind the camera and the temperature was warming up too.  But I always emphasize having a formal outfit as one of, if not the main, outfit choice for engagement sessions.  Because it’s not every day you get to be in front of a camera getting pictures of you and your love!

Okay, I’m off my soapbox.  The point is, I always love that first encounter with couples and interacting with them during their session.  It just makes for a much smoother portrait session on wedding day- which I can’t wait for in May!

P.S: I’m also loving the FILM images that are scattered throughout the post!!



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