Everyone kept saying, “It’s going to be a hot one.”  Sure, it was hot. But for these two and for me, it was the best day ever!

Who knew late September would end up feeling like the dog days of summer.  All the pumpkin spice lovers are so disappointed that their beloved season is on delay.  But as for me, I am a summer girl.  No sweaters, no boots, no PSL for me.  Nope.  I’ll take flip flops and bikinis over layers any day!  So when I heard Saturday was going to be 90 degrees, I didn’t bat an eye.  Yes, sweat happened.  And I don’t even want to talk about how I really should have packed the stick of deodorant in my camera bag.  But despite that, September 23, 2017 is one for the books (and not just for temperature records).

Ben and McKinsey are the absolute sweetest of their kind!  Whether it was to each other, their family, or to me, their kindness absolutely radiates.  They are definitely my kind of people!  McKinsey’s low back wedding gown was absolutely breath taking.  And they guys’ blues mixed with the girls’ neutral colors were pallets of my love language.  It’s no surprise that bride and groom portraits are my absolute favorite.  So if they’re yours too, you’re going to love this blog post.  It’s gorgeous bride and groom overload.  And I LOVE IT!  Congrats Ben and McKinsey- thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!



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