Ten years ago, these two started hanging in the same friend group.  Quickly, they became close friends through college.  Flash forward to now and I get to capture their engagement session and their wedding next August!

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane.  Next year will be 10 years since I graduated from good ‘ole Clay High with these two.  Ten years?  For real?  I can’t even believe it.  Time has a funny way of sneaking up on you (is that a song lyric?) 

Anyway,  I was good friends with Taylor, and I was good friends with Drew.  It wasn’t until our senior year that we all started hanging out in the same friend group. Taylor and Drew stayed really close all through college; and now here we are- getting ready for their wedding day!  Their downtown Toledo engagement session did not disappoint.  Drew is always dressed to the nine and of course Taylor is beautiful as ever and is absolutely GLOWING.  Next August is going to be one awesome celebration with these two- and I can’t wait!



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