My blogging hiatus is usually during the winter months.  Usually from November to April, it’s pretty quiet around here.  But then well, you know, COVID happened.  And I ended up with a four month break during the peak spring and early  summer months.  But sessions like this Toledo metropark engagement session are just the thing I need right now to perk up my spirits.

This has definitely been a challenging season for me personally.  A miscarriage, a busy toddler stuck inside and not able to go anywhere for months, wanting to be pregnant again.  Within all of that, I’ve recently had the word “wait” on my heart.  Wait on the Lord.  Wait on His timing.  Don’t rush into anything; just wait.

Guys, patience is not my strong suit.  I struggle hard when it comes to waiting.  But here I am, in a season where I literally feel called to wait.

And speaking of waiting, Jonathon and Samantha had to wait a while to get their engagement pictures done.  We had planned for early spring, but of course that didn’t happen.  You better believe I was more than ready to get back to doing what I love!  It was a hot late June evening, but that summer glow was in full force (and if you’ve read any of my blogs, you know me + glow = pure joy).  This Toledo metropark engagement session was at the gorgeous Side Cut Metropark in Maumee .  Not only did we wipe the dust of my digital camera (no, not literally), but I also had fun capturing some more film images.

These two are just so sweet.  I admire how kind and thoughtful Jonathon is with his beloved. Samantha said “he is so good to me.”  Sounds like she scored.  I think Jonathon did too!   And I can’t wait to witness that again on their wedding day in September!




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