I’m not crying, you’re crying!  Okay, yes.  I shed some tears on Saturday.  When did I become such a sap?

I’m always jittery and a little spacey on wedding day.  All the emotions get going- excitement, nervousness.  You name it.  So after my husband left in the morning with the babe and I had the quiet house all to myself, I started feeling antsy to get going.  I wasn’t scheduled to start the day until later in the afternoon, but since Jessica was getting ready at a salon near my house, I decided to surprise her there.  Little did I know I would end up tearing up because she was so gosh dang beautiful that I was making her cry.  And she was getting her makeup done- we can’t have that!  But seriously.  I’ve known Jessica for a long time now and I was feeling so happy for her and knew she was going to be such a stunning bride.

So the day didn’t go according to plan.  Actually, basically all plans were kind of askew when it started pouring, thundering, and hailing.  Like, seriously storming.  The gardens were flooded and the giraffe feeding was cancelled due to lightening.  I still am laughing when Dan asked the zoo worker “So what do the giraffes do in Africa when there is lightening?” I knew Jessica was disappointed- but the show must go on, right?

Thankfully we had a few breaks in the rain to get outside for portraits.  And let me tell you, for only having about 10 minutes of portrait time before the rain started again, there are SO MANY ones that I love.  I know I’ve said it before, but at the end of the day, it’s about the start of your forever together and many more beautiful days to come.  So I’m glad these two kept their heads up and enjoyed their day because, after all, it will always be the “best day ever” when you get to marry the one your soul loves.

And as expected, Jessica was absolutely beautiful; and I loved witnessing the love between these two.  The personalized vows that they spoke to each other was probably my favorite as well as some fun shots on the carousel with the wedding party.  These two will be en route to Africa for their honeymoon!  How cool is that!?  Congrats Dan and Jessica- it’s been an absolute pleasure capturing these with you.


Venue: The Toledo Zoo

Flowers: Hafner Florist

Dress: Belle Amour Bridal

Suits: Men’s warehouse

Makeup: Jeanne Hooven

Hair: Sami at CC Bella Salon

Bakery: Wixey Bakery





  1. Andrea says:

    I need to know the brand of bridesmaid dresses because that color is perfect!

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