I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of people love fall- and for good reason.  There’s a break in the hot, humid weather.  Then there’s pumpkin spice EVERYTHING (personally, not my fav).  And, what I think most importantly, is the fall foliage.

So it’s no surprise that just about everyone was out last weekend doing fall pictures.  The park was flooded with families and couples alike.  I can honestly say the highest demand for pictures, at least in Northwest Ohio, seems to be fall.  Between nature’s beautiful display of its colors and the mild temperatures, it never fails to find a saturation of people and photographers capturing life in the midst of the beauty.

For me, it’s always a good time for engagement pictures.  I love getting to interact with my couples for the first time and see them become more and more comfortable in front of the camera as the session goes on.  Chris and Amber picked a fall day where the colors really shined through.  They admitted PDA isn’t really their “thing”; but lucky for me there was a slight chill- so snuggling came just a little easier 😛  I also continue to drive right in with film and am LOVING the outcome.  To me, these images are a perfect mixture of hybrid photography.

Right now, July seems like forever away.  But it’s really not!  And I can’t wait to join these two on their wedding day!



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