It’s been quiet around here on the blog lately.  If you’re wondering why the hiatus, it certainly isn’t because I’ve been slow.  No, far from it.  In fact, this “off” season has been one of my busiest yet.  There’s a lot that goes behind the scenes of running a business- and this girl has been working her tail off to grow and serve my couples better than ever.

But spring has OFFICIALLY come.  If we’re talking “spring” according to the date on the calendar, technically it’s been here for almost a month.  No, I’m talking Northwest Ohio spring.  Where we’ve had a consecutive week of temperatures over 50 degrees and that beautiful, glowy light (you KNOW I’m all about that light).  Greenery is popping up everywhere and the world seems to be making a Wizard of Oz transformation.

Yesterday was the true epitome of a spring engagement session.  We had the most beautiful morning light to work with, spring colors in full bloom at Wildwood, and one STUNNING couple in love.  Yes, my heart is happy.  Matt and Mollie are just the sweetest and this setting suited them so well.  I’m still pinching myself that I get to be their wedding photographer!  These two are currently spending their engagement in two different states- waiting to move together until they get married.  I love the excitement they have when looking at each other and it even made me feel all giddy inside.  Only a few more months guys! I’m so excited to witness and document this part of their love story.



  1. […] I really need to talk more people into morning sessions.  I’ve always been a morning person, and now more so than ever with having a baby.  But there are so many benefits to morning sessions.  For one, with it being July, the morning isn’t blazing hot like most afternoons.  We basically had the entire park to ourselves.  And that morning light is so beautiful.  Did I talk you into it yet? Here’s another one of my favorite morning sessions. […]

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