There’s a lot to be grateful for when reflecting on the weddings that I had the opportunity to be a part of this year.  I got to meet and work with so many new couples- couples that I adore.  It’s a vulnerable thing running a business.  Particularly one that you put your heart in, which becomes a direct reflection of you.  People may love it and therefore you feel loved.  People may hate it and you feel rejected.  But it’s such a blessing when you get to work with people that you adore.  Your job becomes a joy.  Your service feels effortless.  You no longer feel hired just to do a job- but you have the opportunity to form a relationship.  After rounding out my third year of weddings, not only has my style become more refined, but so has my vision for my business.  The heart and foundation of this business is service.

I recently declared my “word” for the year (which is also the consecutive year in a row) as INTENTIONAL.  I tapped into this goal last year by becoming more intentional with my shooting- finding proper light, posing that flatters, and being prepared for the unscripted moments.  I want to intentionally love on my couples so that they feel like a priority and that they feel loved- not just because they hired me; but because I want to do that for them.

2017 treated me so well.  I look back on these images and my heart swells with joy and gratitude.  These images are joyful.  They are genuine.  They are romantic.  All things that speak to a style that I love with couples that I love even more.




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