Saturday was a dream.  And not just for these two newlyweds, but for this wedding photographer.  To this beautiful couple to the sweet details, I can’t help but look at these and smile.

One of my favorite moments from Saturday (aside from the Notre Dame fight song being played at the reception) was meeting Katie’s dad for the first time.  He was telling me how he’s been spending the last month teaching Kyle how to drive his antique car.  He said Kyle was so scared he was going to stall during their exit from the ceremony.  You could tell he was already so proud of Kyle and how happy he was that he was going to be a part of their family.  They did a couple practice laps around the church- and Kyle didn’t stall it once.  A proud dad moment for sure.

There is no doubt that Katie is a meticulous planner.  Every detail was carefully thought out and intentional.  From Katie’s dad’s antique car to the 800 cookies that her and her family made themselves, this wedding was absolutely a manifestation of every wedding dream Katie ever had come true!  And yes, I did say 800 cookies that the bride made herself (her side job that she adores)- that were GONE in less than in hour.  They were that good!

I’ve said it before and you’ll hear me say it again for, well, probably the rest of the year.  I just can’t believe the AC Photography couples that have crossed my path over the last year that I have the honor to work with.  Kyle and Katie have been been the sweetest to work with, and my heart melts at the way they look at each other.  To the new Mr. and Mrs. Chudzinski- thank you for being such an amazing couple to work with.  Hope you have an amazing honeymoon in Cancun!




  1. Jan Hasemeier says:

    Unbelievably gorgeous wedding! You look so happy! Congratulations!

  2. Marianne Honchell says:

    What a stunning couple. Was very blessed to b a part of this wonderful day. Gorgeous pictures…

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