As a wedding photographer, I love embarking on this exciting new journey with my couples.  From their engagement session to wedding day, I love getting into all the details and getting to serve them on the best day of their lives.  But what about after wedding day?  

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to do a few anniversary sessions, and let me tell you- I’M IN LOVE.  This most recent one with Chad and Jolenna continues to warm my heart as I look through their gallery.  As much as I love wedding photography, I also believe that marriage should be celebrated in every season.  So naturally, an anniversary session is a perfect way to continue the celebration of your marriage (at least in my eyes)!

I seriously had a blast with these two!  It felt like we were just hanging out, having a good time.  And I just happened to be there to take pictures.  Chad and Jolenna are celebrating 12 years of marriage (we actually celebrated on their actual wedding anniversary date with this session!)  I adore the way they laugh together and just get each other’s sense of humor.  I guess when you’ve been together for over a decade, that just starts to happen.

Happy anniversary you two!  Keep laughing together!



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