I can’t believe we are already talking about 2017, but boy am I excited for it!  Kyle and Katie are my FIRST 2017 couple to be featured on the blog, and let me tell you, they will not disappoint!

Kyle and Katie are not ashamed to admit they found each other via Match.com.  Why should they be?  They were two people, ready to settle down and commit to someone.  And thankfully, they both were at the right place, at the right time.  I am a firm believer that God puts us exactly where we need to be in order for his plan to unfold.  And this is just how his plan is unfolding for these two.

I absolutely loved getting to meet Kyle and Katie for the first time and getting to hear their love story.  Not to mention, Kyle is a huge Notre Dame fan and Katie is actively converting- so bonus points for that! They are so sweet together and are excited for their July 2017 wedding- which did I mention is now only nine months away.  Good grief time flies!  But I am SO excited to be a part of their wedding day!





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