When I said I was excited about the upcoming sessions I had, it was no joke!  And the last few sessions have not disappointed.  Including this amazing anniversary session with my friends- which is one for the books!

Where do I start?  I met these two nearly ten years ago when we all ran cross country at The University of Toledo (GO ROCKETS).  The funny part is, their story started out as a joke within the team.  Our coach would call Dani Dave’s “girl”  and Dave her boyfriend.  So we all went with it.  And they played along.  But soon enough it was no longer a joke, and these two found themselves falling in love.  Now here we are, four years in to their marriage, and they are thriving.  As two of our closest friends, I am inspired by the growth and maturing of their love for each other and love for Christ.  So combine a gorgeous, glowy evening with these two beautiful friends and we have, well, magic. Basically.  Their love is seriously radiating through these images so much it makes my heart want to explode!  I’m loving every one of these! 

Also, who knew downtown Toledo would be such a beautiful place to stroll through and take pretty pictures.  From the main Library with its rooftop garden to the courthouse, I am seriously in love with all of these images. (If you’re a photographer, culling was a struggle!)  This was also my first anniversary session, which, let me tell you, is something I hope to do more!  Your actual wedding is just one day, but why not display and celebrate your marriage regularly with an anniversary session?  I am all about celebrating love and the different seasons of your marriage.  So if you were thinking about doing one, let’s do it!  We had a blast!



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